Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five More Weeks and Counting

Well, we are down to five weeks until we get to see our soldier. I can only imagine what it is going to feel like the first time we see him in his uniform. I know we are going to all be very proud because we already are! Paul better not wear a shirt with buttons because I'm pretty sure he'll bust them!

For those of you haven't heard, Spencer is sick. I'm asking everyone to say a prayer for him and all the other soldiers. He said everyone is sick. He said diffrent ones have bronchitis, others upper respiratory infections and others have strep throat. He called today and sounds horrible. He said he has had a fever, but he seemed to be better today, but he sure didn't sound better. He doesn't want to ask for a sick call because he doesn't want to miss out on his training and be behind. I always knew he was tough guy. Sure is hard on me. I want to be able to take care of him! He asked that we send him cough drops - said his throat is raw. Kind of pitiful, he said he is having to buy cough drops off other guys for $.25 a piece! I went to the store and bought two big bags to mail to him tomorrow. I figured if he got better and didn't need all of them maybe he could sell them and make some of his money back!

I thought it was so sweet--I asked him if there was anything else that I could send him and he said, "Oh, can you send me some pictures of the family"? (He didn't take any with him because he didn't know if he could have them or not). It melted my heart to know he wants pictures of us!

Other than being sick he sounds good. He has been learning to shoot and is really liking it. He said they have been doing obstacle courses where they have to run, then crawl under barbed wire, jump off 3 ft walls, etc. He said, "It is really fun". He got to throw a live grenade. He said he threw it and then had to duck behind a wall and was able to watch it blow up through a plexiglass window. He said, "It was awesome"! (remember this is all while he has been sick!) What a kid!

I was also thrilled because he said he has been going to church. His bunkmate and two other guys have been going together. That's a praise!

Well, until next time, continue to pray for all our military men and women. It sure makes you much more aware of their service when you have one of your own serving our country!

Dawn ~ "Proud Mom of a U.S. Army Soldier"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two more letters

Can you believe Spencer has been gone for one month and actually in basic training for 3 weeks. He has 6 more to go!

I have actually received two letters since the last time I posted. No phone calls, but at least we are hearing from him.

It sounds like he is doing good. He has just been describing, in detail, what they have been doing. It sounds like he takes it all in stride. In the letter I received Monday, he was telling us how some of the guys in his platoon had things on them that they shouldn't, such as extra gloves and food, and therefore, the whole platoon has to pay. So what sounded like forever, they had to do push ups, sit ups, they got their lockers emptied out on the floor, etc. He went on and on and I am feeling so bad for him. Then he ends his letter, "It was fun and we all survived". Sounds like a soldier who's adjusting pretty well, don't you think?

Then in his letter today he was excited because he had passed his physical training test and had actually shaved a minute off his 2-mile run. He ran it in 14:25! Pretty impressive! He then went on to describe going to the gas chamber. He told us how he was so nervous and how when they had to take their masks off they have to keep their eyes open and look at their Sgt. He said everyone was coughing , but he didn't cough once. He said it burns so bad when you breath and it burns your eyes so bad. He said he just took slow breathes and stayed calm. He said when his Sgt. led them out he said there were guys who were uncontrollable but Spencer, feeling victorious, yelled, "Terminators" (that's the name of his platoon) when he reached the door. He said as soon as they got outside he started laughing and smiling! He faced the giant and won! You could tell from the letter how proud he was! I can tell he loves the challenge.

Well, the next 3 weeks will be rifle training. Wonder what stories will come out of this training?

As always, thanks for your prayers. I know I feel them and by the way it sounds he does too.

Until the next letter or phone call,

Dawn ~ "Proud Mom of a U.S. Soldier"