Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boots on my Floor!

Look who's home! I know this may come as a surprise to some. Spencer did not want his buddies to find out he was coming home so I had to keep the news off facebook.

Paul and I traveled to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, again last Thursday, June 2, and attended Spencer's AIT (Advanced Individual Training) Pinning Ceremony on Friday. It was so good to see him and, of course, we were so proud of him as he received his pin. After the ceremony we were able to load up all of his belongings and bring him home! We had a wonderful trip home with lots of stories, laughs, and discussions about the future. A wonderful time for Dad and Mom for sure! I knew once we got him home we wouldn't see him all that much so I treasured those 6+ hours in the car.

He will be leaving around the 13th to travel to Fort Bliss, Texas (El Paso) where he will be stationed. He is to report in on June 15th. He is driving there so please remember to say prayers for his traveling safety if you will. I am more nervous about him driving by himself that far as I was when he was preparing to leave the first time. I'm pretty sure this goodbye is not going to be any easier and probably harder as we will have no idea when we will get to see him again.

Right now I know that we are so happy to have him home or at least know that he is in Lee's Summit! I am loving hearing his truck coming and going again.

You may recall that I posted Spencer's address for anyone who would want to send him a note of encouragement and appreciation on Armed Forces Day - well I thought it was a great idea and appreciated so much all of my friends and family who did just that. Spencer didn't actually get all of his mail for several days after Armed Forces Day because they were in the field. When he returned his Sgt called him down and Spencer said there he stood holding all of these cards and letters. He said to Spencer, "Riffe, I didn't know it was your birthday". Spencer replied, "It's not, Sir. My birthday is in July." Sgt., "Then what is all this about". Spencer, "I have no idea, Sir"! Spencer said, "It was crazy how much mail I got." I said, "Didn't you know about Armed Forces Day?" Spencer, "Nope, never heard of it"! Ha! Ha! I told him next time just tell the Sgt. it's just my mom and one of her crazy ideas! We got a good laugh about this, but he did truly appreciate all the cards and letters - but Jan Sapp, if you are reading this he is still trying to figure out where he came from! Ha! Ha!

Anyway, for today I am happy to have those boots sitting in my floor and I am going to enjoy each minute I have with my soldier.

I'll keep you updated as our military journey continues!

"Proud Army Mom"