Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Friends and Family:

Here's an update of our time with Spencer:

We arrived in Oklahoma on Wednesday evening late, ready for bed, but so excited for morning to come. Family Day was Thursday morning. The soldiers demonstrated what they had learned over the weeks at Basic Training and then when that was over we were able to see Spencer. He was able to stay with us off base until 8:30 p.m. We had so much fun meeting his friends and hearing story after story of his experience.

Friday morning we were up and off to graduation. What a wonderful ceremony they had for the soldiers. There were 207 soldiers graduating. Now I must brag -Spencer graduated with honors. He was in the top 10%. I was so glad I didn't wear buttons that day because I would have popped them off! After graduation the day became very long as Spencer had to move to a new location on base where he will be for the next 6 weeks for AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He got moved in and all his paperwork done and then he was able to leave on a weekend pass! He stayed in the hotel with us 2 nights! We had so much fun. He pretty much just wanted to sit around, watch TV and eat junk food! It was so wonderful having him with us.

We took him back to base on Sunday around 1:30 p.m., as we had to get on our road home. Believe it or not, I didn't shed a tear leaving him. He seems to be so happy and knowing that in 6 weeks he gets to come home for 10 days helped too!

We feel so blessed to have had this special time together as a family. It was a precious time and I thank God for allowing us all to be in Oklahoma together.

"Proud Army Mom"


  1. So proud of him. He looks so handsome (and way too mature) in his uniforms. Glad you all were able to be there with him to celebrate.

  2. Love it! All grown up and handsome. You have much to proud of.